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Fic Masterlist

Kinda Long Fics (Complete)

Yeah. Okay. I Guess.

xiuhan | vacation!au | rated-r | 29,000~w
(They met on Monday and maybe by Sunday, they were a little bit in love.)Also, Luhan has a golden tan to go with his golden brown hair and Minseok has a British accent.

Embracing Heaven
xiuhan | coming of age | pg-13 | 16,500~w
Luhan learns to believe in forever.
fault in our stars - vast fields of ordinary - walk to remember - spectacular now -AU


Second Shot on the Rocks
xiuhan | past!xiuris | timewarp!au | slight!angst | pg-13 | 15,500~w
A time-defying fight for a second chance

Sigma Eta Mu Iota Nu
xiuhun | frat!au | comedy | pg-13 | 14,500~w
Minseok, the straight, soccer-playing, frat boy, SENIOR, trying to resist the homosexual advances of Sehun, the obvious even at first sight kind of gay, sorority material, FRESHMAN.

Chaptered Fics (On-going)

Europa Quartet
xiuhan | sekai | xiukai | secretagents!au | pg-13 | 20,000~w (so far)
The organization has best agents for stealth, espionage, clandestine operations, assassinations, all thinking they are serving the country. SMO is all about the money. Only top agents know the truth.

Alternate Existence (under revision)
xiuhun | xiuhan | highschool!au | slight!angst | pg-13

Xiuhun Drabbles/Oneshots

Out-jerked, Out-loved
xiuhun | model!au | rated-r | 8,500~w
Sehun is a rising model, when he meets Minseok, a hater of the beautiful, he gets to reevaluate his priorities.

Op Love
romance | pg-13 | 3,800~w
Sehun is the obnoxious, stuck-up, my-parents-are-rich, boss of a coffee and tea shop and Minseok is his childhood crush.

Distraction Destruction
angst | smut | nc-17 | 3,700~w
His body memorized, before he was ripped apart.

Smells Like
romance | rated-r | 2,660~w
“Well,” Minseok licks his lips, “I like the way he smells.”

Proposition Me
drabble | rated-r
morning blowjob and spontaneous confessions

kisses from the sky
drabble | first encounters
it’s raining and Sehun gets worried of the stranger who doesn’t have an umbrella

the kim's and oh's be damned
drabble | rated-r
Minseok is going to hell because Sehun is irresistible.

you cheated
drabble | broken xiuhun
Minseok was waiting for him.

two fucking days
drabble | another broken xiuhun
Sehun's absence is screaming at him


Downhill or Up to the Clouds
xiubaek | highschool!au | nc-17 | 6,600~w
Minseok from the soccer team and Baekhyun from the drama club are fooling around in secret - behind their friends' back because the drama kids think the jocks are lame and the soccer team thinks the drama freaks are a joke.

Your Heart Is My Stage
xiubaek | non-au | pg-13 | 4,100~w
Baekhyun would actively admit what he's doing is flirting. There's no harm in that, he's not ashamed of that. And he would even claim that Minseok is flirting back.
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