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Europa Quartet [0/?]

Title: Europa Quartet
Author: hiraya_manawari
Pairing: Xiuhan|Sekai| Xiukai
Rating: R
Genre: secretagent!au, sciencefiction
Note: title from the novel Ilustrado, this will be like an action series with fast pacing, abrupt scene changes, shifting timelines and perspectives, etc. - so readers may need to read between the lines.
Xiumin, specialization - assassination
Kai, specialization - stealth
Lu Han, specialization - clandestine operations
Sehun, specialization - resistance


"I was born with the name Kim Minseok but I became Jung Xiumin when I joined SMO, an organization that trains and sends to operations the best assassins, con-artists, spies, and thieves. I am all of that and more. If there is anything I am not and cannot be, it's being human. I am a program."

"My name? It's Lu Han---but during missions I get called by ridiculous codenames like Wondeer, Monkeyboy and one time--I was Yellowbell. The horror. But I had decent codenames too---some are fairly creative. I like those that reflect my personality and skills – fire and eruption – instability and instant danger. The best one thus far, and my favourite, is codename Supernova."

"My real name is Kim Jongin. I didn’t lie about that. As far as my family is concerned, I am dead. I work for an organization that I believed is a black op for South Korea's Department of Defence and National Security. In this world I’m known as Kai. I murder, I steal, and I live a double life but---I thought I was serving our country. I was wrong. So I want to be Jongin, just Kim Jongin."

"I could say I'm just a civilian accidentally caught in a cross-fire - a victim of circumstance. But nothing is a coincidence it seems, and I may not be who I think I am."

Tags: chaptered, genre:secretagents!au, pairing:sekai, pairing:xiuhan, pairing:xiukai, rating:r
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