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Downhill or Up to the Clouds

Title: Downhill or Up to the Clouds
Author: hiraya_manawari
Pairing: xiumin/baekhyun; teeny tiny side: Minho/Key
Rating: NC-17
Genre: highschool!au
Word count: 6, 600~
Warning: written under the influence of the xiubaek spirit, i don't know what this is
Summary: Minseok from the soccer team and Baekhyun from the drama club are fooling around in secret - behind their friends' back because the drama kids think the jocks are lame and the soccer team thinks the drama freaks are a joke.

Thrill admittedly pricks his fingers when he spots the school’s soccer team - UHS Golden Wolves, threading down the hallway in a tight pack. Baekhyun downplays the grin threatening to spread on his face.

"Arg," Kibum groans after following Baekhyun's line of sight. "Prepare for the stink of sporty sweat in three... two..."

On cue, the rest of the drama club laughs, all eyes now on the pile of boys coming their way.

"HELLO WOLVES!!!" Kibum greets them with an exaggerated cheerfulness. "Goodluck on your game!"

Minho, the soccer captain, stops in front of them and frowns. "The game was yesterday," he informs, tone deprecating, because surely everyone on campus is supposed to know that.

"Oh well, then," Kibum says unfazed, his voice escalates, "NICE GAME BOYS!"

Baekhyun laughs as well as some of members of the soccer team, Minseok and Yixing and Lu Han.

"They lost," Baekhyun explains when Kibum looks at him.

"Ahhhhhh," Kibum drawls happily as he turns back to Minho. "Well I'm sure you still did a very nice job," he says with a mocking grin.

"We actually did," Minho says holding his ground and towering over Kibum. On his either side, two of his teammates drape an arm over Minho’s shoulders to steer him away. Minho allows himself be dragged but not before having the last word. "Good luck on your talent show by the way!" he calls behind his shoulder, his teammates either eye-rolling or hollering after him.

"It's called a musical! And thank you!" Kibum yells back, his "thank you" probably sounds the most sarcastic in the history of sarcasm. "And it's the production of Three Musketeers no less," he says more to himself now, tugging his sequined blazer snugged against his frame.

"They'd probably like it," Jongdae comments, gesturing to the Wolves with his eyes. "Swords fight and all that. We should probably invite-"

"Don’t even say it. No," Kibum interrupts.

“I’m only saying-“




Baekhyun's only half-listening to the two bicker because as Minseok trail behind his teammates, he looks back at Baekhyun and locks eyes with him. He motions for Baekhyun to check his phone.

"What are you lookin' at?" Kyungsoo asks from his other side and Baekhyun peels his gaze away to focus on him.

"Nothing," he singsongs and waits for all the attention to center back on Kibum and Jongdae arguing before fishing for his phone.

Meet me under the bleachers after class.


Baekhyun interrupts him with his fervent mouth against his. Minseok's surprise lasts only for a millisecond, kind of used to Baekhyun’s attacks by now, before he's kissing Baekhyun back, hands automatically falling to cup Baekhyun's ass. Minseok has a thing for them, it's safe for Baekhyun to assume now. Evidence is strong.

Their mouth move together frantically and Baekhyun throws his head back for when Minseok kisses him deeper. He moans when he feels Minseok’s tongue slides against his and whines for Minseok to follow through. They kiss open-mouthed and loud, a little messy and a lot hot.

Baekhyun pulls back for air and manages to ask, "You were saying?" before attaching his mouth to Minseok's neck this time.

"I only have twenty minutes till practice," Minseok says, then moans when Baekhyun sucks on his pulse point.

"Got you beat,” Baekhyun says drawing an inch back and bopping their noses together. “Only got fifteen till rehearsals. Fourteen now." And his fingers waste no time and goes directly for Minseok's belt.

This isn't the first time. They've done this before, right in this very spot, with Minseok's back against the metal railings. But it was during sundown then, when they were mere shadows. So hesitation flashes in Minseok's face before a bit of nervous excitement. Baekhyun smirks and Minseok bites around a moan for when Baekhyun wraps his deft fingers around his length.

"Come on now, don't hold back. We're in a hurry," Baekhyun coaxes, uses his free hand to pry out Minseok's bottom lip from his teeth, the other he uses for pumping Minseok to full hardness, swiping his thumb against Minseok's slit. Minseok hisses. Shakes.

"Blow me, come on."

Baekhyun arches a brow because before, even in the dark, Minseok held Baekhyun firmly upright to keep him from dropping to his knees. Minseok will only go as far as semi-public handjobs. But now, he’s asking Baekhyun to blow him and even pushing him down impatiently by his shoulders.

Baekhyun can’t help it. "Had you properly trained in being reckless and fun, hadn't I?"

"Or I'm just horny for your mouth, come on."

Baekhyun balks. Minseok, Minseok doesn't say shits like that. And now, Minseok’s already red in the face, breathing harshly and looking desperate for it and Baekhyun could double over in arousal at how hot Minseok looks like this. Uncontrolled. Baekhyun loves being the cause of this.

Baekhyun hisses. "Fuck.” And just like that, he’s on his knees, his knees are gonna have grass stains and it’s gonna hurt, this position, but who the hell cares. "No need to sweet talk me into it babe," he tells Minseok one last time before he occupies his mouth with something else.

Both of them moan at the first wet hot contact. Baekhyun closes his eyes as he lets the heat and the feel and taste take over, Minseok to take over with his hands at the back of Baekhyun’s head, threading his fingers on his hair.

It's incredibly arousing, doing this in broad daylight, in open space, inside campus premises no less, when they can hear the mindless noise of other students from the distance. And Minseok thrusting into his mouth and making obscene noises from the back of his throat.

"Fuck," Minseok hisses when Baekhyun brings him down his throat, swallows around him. "Fuck... you're so... good at this. Fuck."

Baekhyun sucks him down harder for it, because Minseok very rarely swears, very rarely dirty talks. As much as Baekhyun wants to draw this out, to hear Minseok swear and moan and groan, they're on a schedule. So less than a minute later, he gets Minseok tugging painfully at his hair and quietly coming down his throat.

Before Baekhyun can catch what dribbled down his chin with a finger, Minseok grabs him and pulls him up for a heated kiss, licking his own come off Baekhyun’s face. Baekhyun needs something, anything, to touch him right now. He works frantically on his own pants but Minseok slaps his hand away, taking over the task and being a little clumsy and rough about it.

Baekhyun giggles. “Why are you so worked up today?” And then chokes because Minseok gripped him hard.

“I only saw you once this week,” Minseok breathes. “Do you realize that?”

Of course Baekhyun realized that. He literally lives for the moment they can finally meet up like this. Or maybe not like this, he daydreams of a moment that isn’t sneaked and timed.

“Shit. Ahhh.”

Baekhyun is loud, and he knows Minseok enjoys that. They're on public space though and Minseok clamps his palm on Baekhyun's mouth during a particularly loud and long moan.

"Be quiet," Minseok says under his breath, the low rumble of his voice shooting straight to Baekhyun’s groin and eliciting a groan from him. He glares up at Minseok and shakes his hand off his mouth.

"Why would I? You weren't-"

Minseok shuts him up with his mouth. Baekhyun doesn’t mind. There's something so intimate in the way Minseok’s jerking him off and consequently swallowing down his moans. And that's how he comes, Minseok's fingers jerking him fast, his arms holding him up, and his mouth muffling his scream.

He slumps against Minseok, catching his breath, forehead pressed against the side of Minseok’s neck. He feels Minseok fumbling around himself - looking, no doubt, for his endless supply of tissue. Baekhyun saves him the trouble, grabs Minseok’s hand and licks his come off for him. He makes a show of it too, sucking each digits slowly, laving at his palm, all while looking up at Minseok.

Minseok's mouth is parted open as he watches. On the onset, Minseok hated it when there's too much saliva involved, in anything. But it's not long before he's trading skills for enthusiasm. And enthusiasm, Baekhyun's got a lot of that.

"Times up," Minseok mutters, withdraws his hand with a lingering swipe against Baekhyun's raw lips.

It's not true though, they still have a couple of minutes according to Minseok's wrist watch and Baekhyun uses all the minutes for messing Minseok up and making sure he’ll get weird looks from his teamates when he shows up for practice.

I can't keep up with practice, my legs feel weak.

He reads Minseok's message during rehearsals break and can't help but bark a laugh. Kyungsoo looks at him questioningly and he flashes him an innocent smile that he's sure Kyungsoo will not buy, just like the reason Baekhyun gave for being late.

His phone vibrates in his hand and it's Minseok again.

Minhos killing me.

He grins at his phone and continues grinning at it as he types out a reply.

Can relate. My throat’s being bitch, voice keeps cracking and Kibum keeps looking at me with murder.

Before Minseok can reply, he follows up another message.

I might need to defer deepthroating until after this play is over.

He laughs out loud at Minseok's immediate response.

Oh noooooooooooooo!!!!

Only with Minseok, they are technically sexting and Minseok manages to be cute. It's a seamless dichotomy, and a talent too, maybe. But it's definitely Minseok's charm - the two sides of him.

At first Baekhyun had written him off as one of the sporty crowd who doesn't care about anything else but balls and girls. Minseok's been playing for the school's team since middle school and that's how Baekhyun used to know him, as someone from the team and nothing more.

It didn't help that last year, the soccer's final match was postponed and rescheduled to coincide with the school's drama club production of Bonnie and Clyde. Their spring production which they prepared for for almost half the school term, abandoned for the soccer's finals.

It marks the start of long tirade of hallway matchups between the captain of soccer team and the president of drama club. And Baekhyun first, actually, really, notices Minseok when he dropped the offhanded comment, "no, wait, our school has a drama club?" And the soccer team hollered, mirthful and unkind.

They all thought it's a comment meant to demean the significance and popularity of drama club, but Minseok just looked genuinely confused and curious. And when he caught Baekhyun looking, he gave him a small shrug - a "sorry" maybe, or an "eh, whatever". But it did the job - got Baekhyun curious, interested, atrracted. At all the expressions his face makes and his subtle and quite actions that could mean a thousand of things. Right then, Baekhyun put Minseok's name in his long list of I can see myself hooking up with this person.

For a year he nursed that small fleeting crush, side glancing Minseok whenever he's in the vicinity, trying to catch his attention, joking louder and see if he'll overhear and laugh. And a couple of times Minseok did overhear, and did laugh and Baekhyun preened with pride and pleasure at the sound of that tinkling laughter that happened because of him, his awesome humor. Over time, Minseok had become the only name in Baekhyun's list of I'm gonna be hooking up with this person no matter what.

When they officially met, it was after Wolves’ friendly match with a neighbouring school. The best thing about soccer matches, the foodstands set up on the sidelines.

There was Baekhyun, sitting on the hood of Kyungsoo's truck and stealing nachos from him when he sensed Minseok with some wolves walking towards the parking lot. It was a thing, like Baekhyun’s got a radar that beeped whenever a person in his "to hookup with" list came near. And at that point, that radar goes off the loudest around Minseok.

Due to some lucky circumstance, Kyungsoo realized he forgot a book from his locker and Yixing and Lu Han realized they left something from the locker room. Baekhyun and Minseok were left there in the parking lot, alone, a couple of steps away from each other, the blazing sun going down behind them.

"Hey wolf," Baekhyun greeted him, tactically not calling Minseok by his name and giving the impression that he didn't know it. "Congrats on the game."

He didn't actually watch but judging from the screams from the pitch and Minseok happily bouncing his soccer ball around, it's easy to deduce that they won.

Minseok eyed him, then the almost empty nacho box in his hand. "Did you really watch or you're only there for the snacks?"

Baekhyun smiled at that because Minseok's reaction suggested he associated Baekhyun with the drama club, because none of the club members would willingly watch a Wolves' game. At least that meant, Minseok had a slight idea who Baekhyun was.

"I was actually never there, Kyungsoo bought this," Baekhyun said, crumpling the now empty box.

For some reasons, Minseok seemed pleased by that answer and he came closer, rolling the soccer ball by his feet. "Baekhyun right?" he asked and Baekhyun almost slipped from his seat on the beaten truck.

"Yep. That's me,” he says and laughs to dispel whatever awkwardness was brewing in him.

Minseok doesn’t seem to notice his discomfort though and Baekhyun got quite distracted by Minseok's sweaty hair falling over his eyes, and the way that he was trying to brush up by the hand not dribbling the soccer ball. "Say Baekhyun, why do you have a sword?" he asks, sounding seriously confuse.

"Huh? Oh yeah," – Baekhyun snapped out of it and remembered the wooden sword resting on the car's bumper. "We're doing The Three Musketeers for spring musical," he explains.

"Cool. Are you one of them?"


"The three muske-"



"I'm Aramis one of the musketeers?"

"Oh. Cool." Minseok didn't really sound sincere when he said it but Baekhyun didn't care, at least Minseok was polite enough to humor him. "Are there gonna be fight scenes?"

"Yeah. Loads. And all while singing too."

"You're kidding."

"I wish I am. It's quite hard you know, singing while ducking swords and brandishing one as well."

Minseok laughed, "I could imagine." And then he surprised Baekhyun by dribbling the ball between his feet, his kness, his forehead while singing Twinkle twinkle Little Star.

Baekhyun sat there, laughter lodged in his throat as he watch Minseok dribble the ball around in rhtyhm with the nursery rhyme.

It's actually impressive if not quite ridiculous. Minseok only barely lost the ball once, and he didn’t miss a tune.

"There," Minseok proudly said afterwards, kicking the ball back to his hands. "It's not that hard."

Baekhyun made a small sound of disbelief and then indignation and then he was on a rapid fire of how it's different, they're not singing twinkle twinkle in the play for one, and they are running around the whole stage, it's straneous and they have like, high notes.

His rant got broken by Minseok's laughter, open and loud and Baekhyun might be imagining it, a little bit mean. Kibum wasn't kidding when he said the soccer team treats the drama club as a joke.

Minseok was close enough and Baekhyun was known for being impulsive and generally inappropriate, so he grabbed his wooden sword and whacked Minseok on the side.

"Ow! What the-"

Baekhyun leaned back on his palms and cocked his head, what you gonna do?, he dared. And Minseok went up for it and hit Baekhyun square in the face with his soccer ball.

It hurted like a zap of electric shock and Baekhyun's mind went white noise for a moment, and he forgot which is up, which is down. He slid off the car, it seemed, he wasn’t sure.

But it was worth it because Minseok's hands were all over him and apologizing profusely, "Shit. Sorry, sorry man. I miscalculated. Sorry. Are you okay?"

Didn't mean though that Baekhyun forgave him that easily. When he retained his senses, his hand was still gripping the sword, with it he hit Minseok, repeatedly, and chased after him until Minseok was running for his life.

That was two months ago and Baekhyun still hasn't got Minseok figured out, and forgiven him on that soccer ball to the face.

And they’re not dating, not really, not exactly. But that does make things kind of exciting. Though, it could be annoying sometimes - not being in a flat surface, not knowing where he stands with Minseok, having to sneak around, having Minseok passing him in the hallway and pretending he hasn't just had Baekhyun's hand down his pants. It could be a pain in the ass, all of that, but the fact that it bothers him, is Baekhyun's first clue that whatever this is with UHS Golden Wolve's mid-fielder Kim Minseok, Baekhyun doesn't want just a mere hookup.

I don't want this day to end without seeing you again.

It takes a while for Minseok's response.

Don't be thirsty hoe.

Baekhyun groans in endearment because that, that's Baekhyun's line and Minseok picked up on it, and is using it against him. He can almost feel Minseok smiling to himself at that petty feat.

I'll wait for you in the parking lot. Or ull wait for me. Whoevers practice finishes first.

Baekhyun vaguely thinks of saying who's thirsty now, but Kibum's announcing that break's over and beckoning the cast over.

What an amazing suggestionnnnn!!!, Baekhyun sends back. See you later. xoxo

(Minseok can’t help but grin at his phone and thinks, I’m doomed for this pretty little fucker.)

Baekhyun takes his seat in chem lab and does a double-take. On the table next to theirs, two people in front of him, Nina seats. This girl who keeps trying to dye her hair different colors, only to dye it black again because any hair color not in the spectrum of brown and black is against school rules. And as a result her hair is more dead and dried than egyptian mummies. That's not the point though, the point is that she's wearing Minseok's varsity jacket, his Wolves jacket, the number 90 on her back glaring mockingly at Baekhyun.

"What's your problem?" Chanyeol pries, flicking him at the back of his neck to get his attention.

This is the other annoying part, he can't even bitch about his situation because Chanyeol doesn't have the slightest idea what's going on here, no one else does.

"Nothing," he says through his teeth then sneaks his phone under the table to text Minseok.

You must be cold.

He figures that isn't enough to get his point across but he's gonna make Minseok work for it.

He's already on second period when Minseok responds.

I'm still waiting for the punchline.

You want a punchline? - Baekhyun thinks. Here it is.

If ur cold put on ur jacket. Oh wait... Yeah that's right, you don't have it.

Minseok doesn't immediately reply and this could either be because he’s thinking, shit, and formulating an excuse or thinking, whatever, Baekhyun doesn’t have the right to be jealous.

Baekhyun wants to throw away his phone. But holds onto it as Minseok’s reply comes.

I can explain.

It’s the first case then. So the pissed off feeling won over the worry. Blinking dots indicate Minseok typing and Baekhyun imagines him typing furiously under his desk, not listening to a single word and feels a certain cruel satisfaction from it.

He lets his phone fall to his lap as he waits, fixes his eyes on the lesson written on the chalkboard, pretends to read it at least.

Beside him Sehun, Chanyeol and Zitao are deliberating what they're gonna eat for lunch and how Baekhyun wish he can join that stupid conversation. But instead, he's having a silent minor crisis.

His phone vibrates and there's a long message of Minseok explaining how last weekend in Sunny's party, Lu Han was trying to smooth talk Nina but ended up pouring beer all over her front and Minseok only did the bestfriend duty of lending her his jacket and making sure she doesn't hate Lu Han and would still maybe go out with him this Saturday. And that he's got no idea Nina's wearing his jacket to class and that Lu Han would probably kill him if he knew.

The thing is, it's tradition in this high-school and in some other dumb schools as well - varsity jacket is a stupid sign, a display of territoriality. Nina wearing Minseok's jacket literally translates as I'm Minseok's girl.

And Baekhyun's lucky enough to have the same class as her and watch her freaking blush and giggle when other girls point out the new addition to her outfit. What a b---

Uhmm...sorry?, Minseok adds when Baekhyun doesn't reply. And it's so Minseok, this reaction, and Baekhyun could probably find this cute if he's currently not quite pissed.

He's not pissed at Minseok exactly, maybe at himself, or maybe at both of them. Because while it's really hot sneaking around and fooling around in secret, and while on the surface the reason they're hiding is because they wanted to avoid the reaction of their warring friends, it has come to a point where the real problem has caught up to them. Minseok is not out.

While the drama club is supportive of Baekhyun, heck most of them in the club is quite gay anyway, he doubts it will be the same for Minseok and the soccer team, with Minseok the jock and the whole campus.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck, he types but doesn't send. That message isn't for Minseok anyway, but for the universe that is making their lives difficult.

He almost drops his phone when someone elbows him, that someone being Zitao and Baekhyun realizes all eyes are on him, the teacher having asked him a question.

“Shit,” he whispers, then, "Uh... what's the question again? Sir."

Their teacher sighs, used to Baekhyun by now. "Next time, pay attention Mr. Byun."

When he sits back, Zitao, Chanyeol and Sehun shoot him with judging, suspicious gazes and Baekhyun gives them a defensive "what?".

(All through the day, Minseok messages him with quite pathetic but adorable attempts to appease him.

Got my wolves jacket back. Twas awkward, she seems not keen on giving it back. But I insisted.

Ill toss this in the washer as soon as i get home. It smells like her cologne and i hate it.

Id even bleach it for good measure.

Wait. No. Dongwoo said you cant bleach this, itll get ruined.

Aha! Yixing said there are color-safe bleach.

Ill just make my mom do it, to be safe.

Baekhyun doesn't reply at all of them but maybe smiles at some, or at every single stupid message.)

He overhears Kibum cornering and interrogating every single one of them in the club. "YOU," Kibum rounds to Jongdae, "HAVE YOU GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE LONE WOLF LURKING AT THE BACK OF MY THEATER?"

Baekhyun doesn't hear the response because he slips away and jumps off the stage before Kibum could reach him next.

It's hard to explain the weird feeling he gets at the sight of Minseok sitting in the dark, at the backmost seat of the theater and smiling uncertainly when Baekhyun comes close enough.

"What are you doing here?" Baekhyun asks, can’t keep the awe from his voice.

"You're not replying to my messages."

"Don't you have practice?"

"You're not replying to my messages," Minseok repeats like that's reason enough to miss soccer practice.

Baekhyun stares at him for a second, lost for an argument then, "Fine," -- he fishes for his phone, types out idiot and sends it to Minseok.

Somewhere in his pocket, Minseok's phone pings.

"There. Got what you wanted now?"

Minseok actually checks his phone and pouts after reading the message.

"Oh for christ's sake," -- Baekhyun can't have this now so he sends him another message.

Ill see you after rehearsals, okay?

Minseok lights up and types his response. It hits Baekhyun how silly this is, texting each other while they're face to face.

Okay, reads Minseok's reply. And then a series of smiley emoticons that cause Baekhyun's phone to vibrate endlessly in his hands.

"Okay stop," Baekhyun laughs and knocks away Minseok's phone. Minseok grins up at him, reaches over to place his hand on Baekhyun's hip as Baekhyun hand moves up to curl on Minseok's neck.

Baekhyun's not sure if this alreadly looks like an intimate moment, sure feels like it, but he's pretty sure his club members are watching behind him and putting meaning on this beyond and over what it really looks like.

"You should go now," he tells Minseok, taking his fingers from his neck and wrapping them around Minseok's wrist to push his hand away. Minseok frowns at that small action. He stands, licks his lips and looks about to say something but then, changes his mind and settles with a quiet "okay". His face falls as he turns away.

It feels wrong to let him go like that, so Baekhyun calls after him, “Minseok.”

But Minseok doesn’t look back.

That goes downhill in a blink of an eye, Baekhyun thinks as he watches Minseok exiting the theater.

It speaks of the friendship he has with his club members, and also of how much glum is on his face, because when he hops back on stage, none of the cast says anything.

Last time Minseok waited for him in the parking lot, Baekhyun attacked him with a kiss as soon as he entered his car. Baekhyun can't help thinking about that as his foot begins to awkwardly tap at the foot of Minseok's car, waiting for Minseok, for himself, to say something. Between them, if anyone has more patience for silence though, it's not Baekhyun.

"I feel like we can put this time to better use," he says, "and not just for staring blankly into space."

It's sundown, it always is by the time they both finish practice.

"I'm sorry," Minseok mutters.

"What for?"

"I don't know. Why are you mad at me?" Minseok's tone is grating and Baekhyun wants to scoff, Minseok has got nothing to be mad about. He grits his teeth to keep it.

"I'm not mad."

"Oh really you're not?" Minseok says. It’s not a question. He expels an impatient huff of breath and then, "Look, if it's about the jacke-"

"I don't care about your stupid jacket," Baekhyun snap. For a spilt second their eyes collide but Baekhyun quickly pulls his away to stare at the distance instead. It only hits him now, the reason he feels foul, it's everything to do with that jacket and the fact that some random girl can parade around wearing it, and Baekhyun can't. It's stupid and this is probably the most stupid Baekhyun felt. And he's mad at himself at being this shallow.

"Then what Baekhyun?" Minseok demands, commanding Baekhyun to look back with his eyes.

There's no way Baekhyun would admit to him what's pissing him off, it's hard for Baekhyun to admit it even to himself.

"Does it honestly bother you if your friends find out?"

That makes Baekhyun snap his head to face Minseok. "WHAT?"

"About this? About us?"

"What are you-"

"You pushed me away-"

"Jesus," Baekhyun swears, hand banging loudly against his knee. "I was doing that for you! Because last time I checked you're the one who's in the closet and not me."

"Oh so, that's it."

"THAT'S WHAT?!" Baekhyun's nerves are erupting into angry screams and it looks like Minseok's fired up the same way.

But Minseok takes a breath, his shoulders heaving harshy, and when he speaks, it's forcely calm. "There's no concious effort on my part at hiding this Baekhyun," he says, "I'm not hiding this, I'm not hiding myself, I'm not hiding you."

"I didn't say-"

"I just think what I do with my life is none of anybody's business. I don't go around imposing myself on everyone unlike you-"

"Excuse me what?!" Baekhyun can't believe Minseok’s saying that. "You're an asshole. Wow--why do I even bother."

Minseok backtracks. "I didn't mean---I like you that way all right? But it doesn't mean I'd like to be like you. I don't put myself live on broadcast and if I don't go around announcing to people who I'm seeing, then I'm sorry if that's a problem for you but I'm not gonna change that."

"Wow thanks for letting me know you're willing to do a lot of things for me," Baekhyun says. His hand flies to the door and he's able to barely open it before Minseok stops him with his fingers holding his wrist.

"Look, what do you want me to do?”—Minseok forces him to look at him. “I might be doing a poor job at it, but I'm trying here."

"Come on Baekhyun," Minseok adds, almost a whisper, when Baekhyun doesn't respond.

"Just---at least, let me know where I stand. Are we doing the---no-label thing, or am I your---I don't know, whatever."

Minseok exhales and then, "I don't think it's just my decision. This is us. What do you want us to be?"

“I don’t—it doesn’t matter. I don’t think I quite enjoy being a secret boyfriend anyway.”

With that he exits the car. Before he can bare open more of himself, before he says things he might regret.

He hears the car open from Minseok’s side and then Minseok yelling after him. “You’re the one who keeps saying---sneaking around, it’s exciting, it’s hot. And I didn’t want you to think I’m boring so I fucking went along with it.”

“I don’t think you’re boring!” Baekhyun says as he whips around. “But you know what I think? You are—maybe—you are just a coward.” There’s venom in the way he says it and Minseok looks honestly stung. But there some bypassers are starting to stop and gather around them. Minseok eyes them warily and then, as if to prove Baekhyun’s point, he takes a step back.

The Wolves won their latest game and is now moving on to the championship so they're training harder than ever. Between that and the extended rehearsals for the upcoming spring musical, Baekhyun and Minseok haven't really got the time to talk and figure their shit out. Baekhyun tries his best to keep it off his mind, because as Kibum promised, Baekhyun is gonna be murdered if he messes up in the musical. Baekhyun would probably beat Kibum to it though, he'll kill himself before Kibum gets to him.

He has to preserve at least one good thing in his life at the moment. And it's quite easy, surprisingly so, to lose himself in the whirlwind of activites, of music.

Opening show comes and Baekhyun's not bragging, but he thinks he freaking nailed it, so much that afterwards, Kibum rolled his eyes and gives him a bone-crushing hug. And then he gets lost in sea of arms hugging a piece of him - there's the club members, his parents, his teacher. He vaguely retains the sense to congratulate the third musketeer, Jongdae. Jongdae reaches him first, slapping him upside the head before giving him a hug. Jongdae pulls away with a shit-eating. "A wolf is waiting for you backstage," he singsongs before prancing away.

Baekhyun's kind of frozen in place. Jongdae could be joking, he could be a little too extreme like that but Kibum nudges him in the hip and glares at him. Go on, he seems to say. Baekhyun just blinks at him and Kibum sighs obnoxiously and all but shove Baekhyun away. "Go get your---whatsisname, whatsisface doesn't matter. Just go and stop being lovesick."

Baekhyun finds himself half-running backstage.

He stops on his tracks, on the make-up table, inside the dressing room slash storage room and amidst the mess of costumes and props, Minseok sits.

And he's holding a boquet of flower.

Some of the club members are still going in and out of the room and throwing looks back forth the two of them, and there’s some teasing ohhhh and ahhhh.

And it's, it's amazing is what it is. Baekhyun feels like he's in a movie. And the way Minseok smiles, a little unsure and a lot so fucking handsome, gets Baekhyun's feet to move on their own, to move closer until he's between Minseok's legs and accepting the flowers in his arms.

"Kibum said it's tradition, to bring flowers after a play, so..." Minseok trails off into an embarrassed shrug.

"I've never received flowers before," Baekhyun says, his eyes down to the arrangement of flowers in his arms, lilac amidst yellow and white, Baekhyun can't even begin to name what flowers are they.

"Good. I'm the first one then."

Minseok puts his hands on either of Baekhyun's hips and Baekhyun turns, looks down at Minseok instead.

"You were amazing," Minseok says quietly when their eyes lock. Baekhyun is blocking the light, his shadow falls on Minseok's face but he can see the brightness in Minseok's eyes.

"Thank you," he says as quiet as Minseok. "You really watched?"

"Yep," Minseok says, proud of himself. "Had to drag Minho though, to accompany me."

"Seriously? You got him to watch?"

"Yes, and I think Kibum earned himself a new fan."


"Yes wow. You all were spectacular," Minseok says with a tiny laugh. And Baekhyun just sort of falls, falls forward and drops a kiss on Minseok's lips. The hands on his waist tightened, Baekhyun pulls back enough to sigh softly and Minseok plants a quick kiss against his chin.

"Let's do it Baekhyun."

Baekhyun lets the boquet balance between their bodies and uses both hands to cup Minseok's neck, his fingers splayed in the white expanse of skin, as Minseok continues to speak.

"Let's do that thing where I---maybe, hold your hand in public, while walking down the hallway yeah? And I'll walk you to your next class, or you'll walk me, depends on whose classroom is nearer. And I'll come to your plays and you'll come to my games and I---I can imagine you'll--like cheer loudly on the sidelines and be kind of embarassing and distracting and Minho will try and ban you from our matches but I'll bribe him with Kibum's number to let you off. You know---stuff like that. Let’s do them, all of them."

Baekhyun's heartbeat is pumping through his throat, his fingers frozen against Minseok's skin. He can feel Minseok's pulse too, throbbing strong and fast underneath his fingers.

"Do you actually have Kibum's number?" is all he manages to say.

"No. But you do."

Baekhyun sucks in a breath, this is it then. All that weeks of agony, ends now. "Fuck let's do it then."

"Yeah?" Minseok asks like Baekhyun could say anything remotely close to no with that kind of offer.


Even before the syllable completely leaves his lips, Minseok's pushing to his feet and wrapping his arms around him. Baekhyun squawks because.

"You're crushing my flowers."

So Minseok reaches between them and carelessly wedges the boquet away. Baekhyun could be indignant if he's not distracted by Minseok's mouth on his, and his arms around him.

(It's gonna need some getting used to. This. In the afterparty of the cast of Three Musketeers, Minseok spent most of the night attached on Baekhyun's back and half-hiding his face against his shoulder. Of course the drama club doesn't let go of the opportunity to dote on the lone wolf. And it's funny and kind of makes Baekhyun weirdly pleased, how Minseok doesn't even try to defend the honor of the Wolves, and even trash-talks them a bit for the amusement of Baekhyun’s friends. Baekhyun whispers to him, "Look at you, trying to win my friends over." Minseok smiles and doesn't even deny it.)


The people below them are all looking back at them and it's either Kibum doesn't notice or doesn't care. Baekhyun is just hoping they don't get evicted by officials. He doesn't even bother controlling Kibum because no one. can control Kibum.

"Jesus christ! Who the hell enjoys an hour long match of absolutely nothing happening," Kibum says, a little softly this time but still loud enough to get them disapproving and scandalized glares. "Not if you count boys rolling around in the grass."

"I don't know about you, but I'm quite enjoying the sight."

Kibum looks at him, like he's quite disappointing. "It will only count as enjoyable if you're participating in the rolling around part."

"So maybe you should try out for the team next season."

"You kidding me? I wouldn't willingly run and break a sweat unless someone’s chasing me with a chainsaw." He stops short. "Maybe not even then. I'll just gladly accept my fate."

Baekhyun's unamused snort gets lost in the loud roar of the crowd. The two of them snap their eyes to the pitch where the Wolves are running towards the goal and Baekhyun realizes with a swoop in his stomach and a jump in his heartbeat, that it's Minseok carrying the ball. A defender gets right in front of him and Minseok kicks the ball pass him, easily sidesteps the defender and retains control of the ball. The crowd cheers but Minseok's still a good distance from the goal and defenders are gathering, running towards him. Then Minseok spots Minho and passes and… and Minho scores! He scores! The first goal of the match.

The whole stand is up on their feet and Kibum and Baekhyun are whooping like maniacs.

Down the pitch, Minho is circling around, celebrating with the crowd. And then he stops infront of where Kibum and Baekhyun are standing and presses two fingers over his lips and points them at Kibum. Kibum looks insulted and like he'd deck Minho later for it but the crowd is cheering. Minseok has caught up to Minho and jumps at his back and then winks and shoots a flying kiss towards Baekhyun's direction.

“Fuck me,” Baekhyun mumbles mindlessly and he can almost feel Kibum rolling his eyes.

The rest of the Wolves runs up to Minho and Minseok and catch the two in a group hug that looks wild and painful.

"Animals," Kibum comments and smirks smugly at the prying and judging gazes directed their way from the girls in front of and all around them. He turns to Baekhyun then. "I guess he's good," he casually admits, cocking a brow towards Minho.

It's futile, Kibum's attempt to downplay how much he likes Minho because in Wolves' party to celebrate them being the District's champion, Baekhyun spots the two of them sucking faces in a dark corner. When Baekhyun points this out to Minseok, Minseok looks unimpressed. "I guess this is truce between the wolves and the drama club then?"

(The next Monday, on his way to class, Baekhyun is holding Minseok's hand and is wearing his Wolve's jacket.)

i want more xiubaek
Tags: pairing:xiubaek, rating:nc-17, sidepairing:minkey
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